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“Come, follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people” (Mark 1:17).

dMAKERu, and its collaborative partners, have been making disciples, developing leaders, and starting new Gospel-centered works since 2013. This city-changing work is done through four unique, yet interconnected, schools. Within the schools there are a variety of courses, workshops, retreats, and cohorts that provide a comprehensive selection of leadership development opportunities.

There are multiple entry points into the dMAKERu. Participants may choose any offering in any area based upon how they would like to learn and grow. This enables participants to create a ‘tailor-made’ leadership development plan that’s right for them. Participants may also begin in the School of Discipleship and progress all the way through each of the three schools and Veritas. Either way, there are individual and group coaching options available to help you assess where you are in your leadership development journey and discover the next best steps to take to continue to learn, grow, and increase your Kingdom impact! 

The dMAKERu model fosters a highly relational environment. Participants meet new people in similar and different places in their developmental journey, enjoy the benefit of a diverse perspective, and encourage one another along the way. It is a wonderful way to make new friends from across the city. 

Below you will find information on the different schools and offerings.

the schools


The School of Discipleship equips participants with the competencies of knowing, following, and imitating Jesus Christ. Through the Divine Narrative, Formation Workshops, and Discipleship Huddles, people discover the Story of God, grow as disciples, and gain the experience and confidence to make disciples in community.

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The School of Leadership helps participants discover their unique story and deepen their understanding of their God-given character, calling, and contribution. Through Leadership Intensive, Kingdom Leadership, and Leadership Coaching, people receive clarity and direction to maximize their leadership influence and widen their impact for God’s Kingdom.

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The School of Mission provides Kingdom-minded leaders with Christ-centered tools to shepherd their ministries and organizations on God's agenda. Through the Learning Cohort, Ministry Leaders Retreat, and Ministry Boot Camp, participants enjoy a highly relational, Gospel-centered network of leaders dedicated to humbly collaboration and the pursuit of unity among the Church in San Antonio.

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veritas college

Veritas College provides a biblically-based, competency-based theological education that has been equipping believers globally for the past 25 years to love, lead, and strengthen the local church without leaving it to study at a traditional seminary or Bible college. We have started a new Veritas College “hub” in San Antonio and currently offer a Diploma in Biblical Ministry and a Masters in Biblical Leadership.

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