THE SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP helps participants discover their unique story and deepen their understanding of their God-given character, calling, and contribution. Through Leadership IntensiveKingdom Leadership, and Leadership Coaching, people receive clarity and direction to maximize their leadership influence and widen their impact for God’s Kingdom.


The Leadership Intensive is a focused developmental journey designed to help participants get clear about their character, calling, and contribution to the Kingdom. Participants engage an experiential discernment process to draw out and ignite their unique God-shaped story, including their shaping influences, values, purpose, vision, and major role.


Kingdom Leadership is a deeper dive into key issues leaders encounter while caring for people, mobilizing teams, and moving an organization onto God’s agenda. Sessions raise self-awareness and foster the ongoing development of emotional and spiritual health. Participants receive practical tools to shepherd others and serve Christ and Christ-likeness. 

Coming in the Fall of 2019.


Leadership Coaching is the opportunity for individuals, business partners, families, and small groups to receive coaching from Kingdom focused life coaches. Coaching is about helping people get from where they are to where they want to be. It’s about removing roadblocks and moving forward. Leadership Coaching helps you live more fully into your identity and make a greater impact. 

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