THE SCHOOL OF DISCIPLESHIP equips participants with the competencies of knowing, following, and imitating Jesus Christ. Through the Divine NarrativeFormation Workshops, and Discipleship Huddles, people discover the Story of Jesus. 


The Divine Narrative is an overview of God's Story and our place within it. Teaching and conversation each cover key figures, themes, and stories from Genesis through Revelation. This participatory experience lays the foundation of redemptive history 


Formation Workshops are interactive experiences of learning and growth that combine topical teaching, small group discussion, and individual exercises. Each workshop addresses a core competency of following Christ and becoming like Him; shaping participants in the character, skills, and practices of the Faith.


Discipleship Huddles are groups of three participants immersing themselves in the life of Jesus and learning to live as Jesus did. After a year, those three participants are ready to become Huddle Leaders and guide others through the same process. Discipleship Huddles are a wonderful way to model Jesus' leadership and gain the tools necessary to teach people how to disciple others.